Maple Matchless Spinning Wheel **PRE-ORDER**

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The items here are not in stock, and are pre-orders. There are no refunds available on pre-orders. Pre-order items should arrive within 1-2 months of ordering.
The Matchless Spinning Wheel is the most responsive spinning wheel available today. 

The Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel offers double drive, Scotch tension, and bobbin lead modes of operation. The 19.5″ drive wheel and flyer shaft are supported by self-aligning bronze bearings for precise action. Each flyer is individually balanced and the bobbins and flyer whorls are trued on center for long and superior service.

Included with each wheel: 4 maple bobbins, fast and medium speed whorls, a threading hook, tensioned Lazy Kate, and carrying strap.

Also available are the Matchless Spinning Wheel Cart, High Speed Bobbin, Travel Bobbin, and Bulky Bobbin (for use with the Bulky Plyer Flyer). Any of these accessories are not in stock but should be in 1-2 months after ordering. Click here to see the accessories!

Also included with the Maple Matchless spinning wheel purchase from Threadbender Yarn Shop is $50 in free fiber, free assembly (unless you are having it shipped to you), and one free lesson in the store.