Felted Notions Bags

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Handmade in Nepal from wool felt, lined, with zipper closure, these bags are a perfect catch-all for your needles and notions. These felt bags are made from frabjous fibers' designs by a group of artisans in Nepal. Felt-making is a traditional craft in their culture, which has made a comeback in recent years in the form of fun, brightly-colored items. These items are all fair-trade. We work with a family-owned company, employing a skilled group of artisans under excellent working conditions.

Approximate Sizes:
Elephant - 9"x5"
Hedgehog - 5"x8"
Meow - 6"x7"
Narwhal - 9"x5.5"
Baby Owl - 5"x5.5"
Baby Sheep - 3.75"x4.5"