2020 Fiber Frenzy & MKAL

March 18 – April 6
To coincide with NCAA March Madness, we decided to play a game ourselves! And this year, we have a mystery knit-a-long as well!
The brackets are free and the MKAL is $5.
Download or stop and pick up an official blank Fiber Frenzy Brackets sheet. We have chosen 64 products that we offer, separated them into 4 categories (to represent the regions), and seeded each product within that region. Fill out the brackets according to which products you think will beat the other in each matchup. You do not need to know anything about or watch any basketball tournament to play.
Turn in the entire filled out bracket form to threadbenderinc@gmail.com or in person at the store before 11:59p, on Wednesday, March 18.


The winners of each matchup will be chosen by you! Each designated day by 7am, I will post a number of polls on facebook for anyone on facebook to cast their vote. At 9pm that same designated day, the winning product(s) will be determined by the higher number of votes. You can vote in any or all of the polls!
Thu, Mar 19 – 16 polls (Round 1 – Regions A & B)
Fri, Mar 20 – 16 polls (Round 1 – Region C & D)
Mon, Mar 23 – 8 polls (Round 2 – Regions A & B)
Tue, Mar 24 – 8 polls (Round 2 – Region C & D)
Thu, Mar 26 – 4 polls (Regional Semifinals – Regions A & B)
Fri, Mar 27 – 4 polls (Regional Semifinals – Regions C & D)         
Sat, Mar 28 – 2 polls (Regional Finals – Regions A & B)
Sun, Mar 29 – 2 polls (Regional Finals – Regions C & D)              
Sat, Apr 4 – 2 polls (Final Four)                                                 
Mon, Apr 6 – 1 poll (Championship Game)
The above schedule also coincides with the clues that will be released for the mystery knit pattern!
Participants will be eligible to win a Grand Prize gift basket if the Tournament Champion is chosen correctly on a brackets sheet submitted to us before 11:59p on March 18. If more than one person correctly chooses the Tournament Champion or if nobody correctly chooses the Tournament Champion, we will hold a drawing for the winning participant.
There will be other pop-up specials and prizes along the way, so be sure to like and follow us on facebook!
You do not have to be on facebook to participate, but you will not be able to vote. Voting is strictly through facebook polls. You can have friends and family that are on facebook vote to ensure your picks win their matchups. Sharing is highly encouraged.

You do not have to know anything about basketball or watch any of the games to participate. This little game is just to have fun alongside the guys on the court.

Let's PLAY!