About Us

May 1, 1984, Juliane Anderson opened the doors to her dream store with her young daughter hiding under the counter doing her homework. Time passed...the shop expanded, product lines came and went, her daughter grew up and moved away...but the store remained steady and survived many economic fluctuations. In 2013, Juliane's daughter, Becca, moved back to Grand Rapids to begin taking over the store. Mom was ready to retire. Now that Becca has taken over operations and management, you will still see Julie teaching a class every now and then or popping in during a special event or for social knitting, but she is enjoying not having to come in to work every day.

This website marks another huge step forward for our business. To be able to run a family-owned business that can offer its products to everyone, everywhere is a major accomplishment for the little shop that could. Becca often jokes about the mother/daughter dream team, but it's actually true. We could not be happier to have served the West Michigan area since 1984 and now to offer our yarns and more to the nation starting in 2018.

2021 was a restart for many of us, so we thought a logo upgrade was in order. From May 1, 1984 until now, we have progressed from a brand new store – like a shiny copper penny – to a yarn shop that has gracefully aged into a gorgeous patina. Our new logo reflects that progression.