Ranunculus KAL

Ranunculus KAL!

January 11 – 25, 2024


Ranunculus has been in the top 20 of Ravelry for YEARS! So, it’s finally time to make this a KAL. The pattern has many options, so there is hopefully a good combo for everyone interested!


The pattern calls for anywhere from laceweight to worsted. However, I don’t believe that EVERY yarn that falls in this range will work. Here are my suggestions and tips for choosing yarn:
  1. If using a lace or light fingering with no fluff or halo, I don’t think the sweater will have enough structure and may look sloppy.
  2. Choosing a solid or tonal is the goal. I have looked at many finished or frogged projects on Ravelry that just look too busy with a multi-colored or speckled yarn.
  3. If you are holding two strands of yarn together that are different, I recommend you match the colors as closely as possible for the same reason.
  4. Super dark colors such as black, navy, or charcoal will not show off the lacy pattern and aren’t the best choices. Lighter, brighter colors really highlight the beauty of this pattern.
  5. Top yarn recommendations are:
Aerial (single or double)
Balayage (single, double, or with mohair)
Kathmandu Fingering (single, double, or with mohair)
La Jolla (single, double, or with mohair)
Miradores (single)
Mistico (single)
Pima Soft (single)
Pirouette (single)
Silk Mohair (single or double)
Silky Wool (single or with mohair)
Simply Spectacular DK (single)
Suri Stratus (single or double)
TML + Copper (double or with mohair)
Ultra Alpaca (single)
Variations (double or with mohair)
Vento (single)
Vintage Sock (double or with mohair)
Woolstok worsted (single)
Woolstok Light (double or with mohair)


Keep in mind the following when selecting your yarn – we haven’t swatched most of these for this project. If we have samples, you are more than welcome to swatch them to get a feel for the fabric. The lighter weight yarns held singly will produce a lacy, open, loose fabric while holding two strands together will give you a fabric with more structure. There truly are so many options, and we are happy to walk you through the process of yarn selection.                   

Ranunculus KAL is free to participate in, but as with all classes and alongs, you must purchase your yarn from us specifically for this KAL in order to join.

We will meet in person for us to help you with any questions or problems you may be having and to knit together! The meetings are all Thursdays from 4p-6p:
Thu, Jan 11, 18, & 25

I encourage you to cast on with the group on January 11. We will post any tips we come across in our Facebook Group “Threadbender Yarn Shop –Alongs”. And we encourage everyone to share pictures and questions.


Call or email with questions!

Becca Anderson  *  Threadbender Yarn Shop  *  5570 Wilson Avenue SW Suite B  *  Grandville, MI 49418

616.531.6641  *  threadbenderinc@msn.com  *  www.threadbenderinc.com


My two finished Ranunculus sweaters are below. Cream is out of Mistico, and orange is Miradores. I love them both!!