Intro to 2-Color Brioche Knitting

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Brioche is scary to think about for some. Hopefully after taking this class, you will learn to not be afraid of 2-color, flat brioche. We will show you how to cast on, add the second color, set up, and knit or purl through each row, and we will go over some tricks that will help you in any brioche project. You will start a pretty basic flat, brioche scarf that will give you confidence to move forward in the brioche world. The scarf pattern and 4 skeins of Homestead are included. Add this class to your online cart as well as 2 skeins each of 2 different colors of Homestead to sign up for the class. You will want to choose two colors that have some contrast for the best effect! 

You must be proficient in both knit and purl stitches and be able to move easily from knit to purl stitches in the same row (and vice versa) before class begins. Bring with you to class a size 9 or 10 CIRCULAR needle of any length.