Purl Strings

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How amazing are these new cords? Simply slip the hollow, flexible cord over the tip of your needle, and slide your stitches onto the cord. When you're done using the Purl String, just slide the stitches back onto your needle. Purl Strings are perfect for:

* being able to try on your sweater, hat, or sock while in progress
* holding live stitches (i.e. sleeve openings) until you're ready to knit them
* holding one project while you use your needle on another project
* stretching out your shawl to its full size

* using as a lifeline

Purl Strings work best on sizes US 10 and smaller needles. Pointier needle tips are recommended.

No more tediously moving stitches over to scrap yarn with a tapestry needle!

No more accidental dropped stitches from moving live stitches to lifelines!

Purl Strings will improve your knitting life and make a great gift! They are the best knitting tool you never knew you needed.

Included in each tin are two cords that are 1 meter long and one cord that is 2.5 meters long